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By August 3, 2007America's Business

Americas Business with Mike Hambrick“America’s Business with Mike Hambrick” celebrates its first full year on the air (and the Internet) this week with far-ranging discussions of taxes, training and technology and featuring the world of steel and the latest regulatory overkill.

The Alternative Minimum Tax, meant originally to target a few high-income households, hits an increasing number of middle-income individuals and businesses with heavy and often unexpected tax bills. Here to discuss options for easing AMT’s burdens are Gerald Prante, staff economist of the Tax Foundation, and Rea Hederman of the Heritage Foundation.

EPA has proposed new standards on ground-level ozone that will cost businesses and local governments billions of dollars to comply with, yet bring no clear health benefits. Explaining the serious implications for business is Joseph Loughrey, president of Cummins Engine, the Indiana-based manufacturer, and chairman of the Manufacturing Institute.

America’s steel industry, modernizing in the face of intense — and many say unfair — foreign competition, remains a bastion of U.S. manufacturing. Joining host Mike Hambrick to report on the state of the industry is Andrew Sharkey, president and CEO of the American Iron and Steel Institute.

The Robert C. Byrd Institute at Marshall University helps small- and medium-sized manufacturers with access to new technology and training, a wealth of opportunities for West Virginia employers. RCBI’s Jim Casto provides a run-down of the many good things.

Our series on women in manufacturing features a conversation with Lisa Caldwell, an NAM board member and senior vice president of Bearing Point, a leading business consulting and systems integration firms.

In our regular segments, Renee Giachino of the American Justice Partnership highlights the recent battles over tort reform; the NAM’s Hank Cox explores “The Way it Was”; and NAM President John Engler concludes with “The Last Word.”

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