The Week Ahead: The Week of August 27

By August 27, 2007Taxation

The week before Labor Day is traditionally the quietest of the year, politically. Guess Alberto Gonzales’ resignation will enliven things a bit. (Speculation: Chertoff for AG. Or a career person in Justice Department.)

But the big news, BIG NEWS, is that on Tuesday the NAM releases its annual Labor Day report, so watch for that.

  • Congress returns September 4th, with the House convening at noon and the Senate at 2 p.m.
  • Several field hearings during these last dog and pony days of summer. At 10 a.m. today, the Senate Finance Committee holds a hearing in Dubuque, Iowa, “Airfields and Alternative Fuels: Exploring Rural America’s Transportation Infrastructure.” Details here. On Tuesday, starting at 10 a.m., Senator Mark Pryor sponsors a Commerce Committee hearing in Little Rock on broadband in Arkansas. FCC Commissioners Copps and Adelstein are attending. News story here.
  • President Bush mixes politics and government business this week, leaving the ranch this morning for Albuquerque to attend a Senator Pete Domenici event, then on to Bellevue, Wash., for Rep. Dave Reichert and the Washington Republican Party. Tuesday morning he’s in Reno to address the 89th annual American Legion Convention, talking about Iraq and terrorism. Wednesday the President and First Lady visit New Orleans and the Gulf Coast to mark two years since Katrina (the White House makes sure to note it’s POTUS’ 15th visit to the region since the disaster). Details in the last White House press briefing.
  • Commerce Secretary Gutierrez is in Afghanistan and Tajikistan this week (news story), and HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt continues his Africa journeys. A first-person account from Leavitt at this website. Soundtrack from Bob Dylan, “I’d like to spend some time in Mozambique.”
  • The NAM’s 10th annual Labor Day report is released at 10 a.m. Tuesday, highlighting the tight labor market and rising incomes. We keep with the Labor Day theme on this week’s upcoming “America’s Business with Mike Hambrick,” featuring an interview with House Minority Leader John Boehner.
  • And a venue for presidential candidates to address health care and breast cancer, the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s 10th annual mission conference, through Tuesday in Arlington, Va. Senator Rodham Clinton, Brownback, and Gov. Bill Richardson and Mitt Romney are scheduled to speak.
  • And that’s it. Enjoy the waning days…

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