The Week Ahead: The Week of August 20

By August 20, 2007General

Elementary, Watson. It was the dog days that didn’t bark.

Which is our way of saying we anticipate another quiet August week in Washington, D.C., with little to report in the ways of politics and government affecting manufacturing. Except for whatever the markets throw up.

  • Congress remains out, returning September 4th, the day after Labor Day,
  • But it’s a big day in Elko, Nevada, Tuesday when the House Natural Resources Committee, Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources, holds a hearing on H.R. 2262 and reforms to the 1872 Mining Law (details of hearing here). Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is scheduled to appear.
  • President Bush is in Montebello, Quebec, today and tomorrow, with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Mexican President Felipe Calderon, for a meeting of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP). Last Thursday’s White House press briefing has details; the AP’s overview is here. Otherwise, news coverage is focusing on Canada’s Arctic territorial claims and the usual protests by anti-globalization street thugs.
  • The business-related highlight of Montebello: Tuesday morning features a meeting of the North American Competitiveness Council, comprised of business leaders from the three countries, including prominent U.S. manufacturers. (List of members here.) This USA Today story highlights the NAM’s view of the discussions on trade and border security, while this Canadian columnist calls the topics mundane. To us they look to us like the nuts and bolts of good economic relations. Last week in the Toronto Globe & Mail, NAM President John Engler joined his counterparts at Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in urging the leaders to address cross-border delays that hinder trade and manufacturing.
  • The President then heads to a political event in Minnesota and a speech to the Veterans of Foreign War in Kansas City
  • on Wednesday.

  • HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt on a 10-day tour of African countries “to observe U.S. government programs that are delivering life-saving health care and sustenance to underserved communities.” News release here.
  • The Endeavor lands early Tuesday, skirting Hurricane Dean.
  • And that’s it. No point in belaboring the pre-Labor Day lull.

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    • Soha Kneen says:

      The comment about ‘anti-globalization street thugs’ contained within this article smacks of an enormous amount of ignorance on your part. Those present at the anti-SPP protests, which took place in Montebello, QC, represented a broad spectrum of Canadian society – from being there as concerned Canadian citizens (mothers, fathers, grandmothers, youth), to union members, NGOs, anti-globalization activists, etc.

      Those that could be identified as street thugs were clearly police provocateurs (as can be seen at

      Unless it has now become a crime to exercise one’s right to freedom of speech and assembly you clearly owe those Canadians present at these protests a formal apology.

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