The Week Ahead: The Week of August 13

‘Tis slow, the doldrums, the time of summer when the media normally turn to stories about sharks, snakeheads and celebrities filled to the gills. We’ll spare you the piscatory tales and just keep this report short.

  • Congress remains gone. Back September 4th. But you knew that.
  • Senator Boxer holds a field hearing of the Environment & Public Works Committee on Tuesday in San Jose, Calif., on global warming and jobs creation, i.e., “green jobs” resulting from government regulation and appropriations. Details here.
  • Getting insular is the House Natural Resources Committee’s Subcommittee on Insular Affairs. Monday it’s a hearing in Guam on the military, and Wednesday it’s Saipan for a hearing on H.R. 3079, which would phase out the nonresident contract worker program in the Northern Marianas.
  • President Bush heads to the Veterans Medical Center in D.C. for a visit and public statement today. And then it’s off to the ranch in Texas, although he does plan a trip to Ottawa August 21-22 to meet with his Canadian and Mexican counterparts.
  • The U.S. Mint’s introduction of the $1 Jefferson coin on Wednesday will settle the markets. Wednesday also marks the Fed’s release of July industrial production figures, and Labor’s report of the July CPI.
  • Thursday marks the 30th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death. Many activities in Memphis. Memorials everywhere, from Galway to Graceland and over in Friedberg, Germany, too, where he was stationed.
  • That’s it. Good fishing!

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    • Galway to Graceland strikes a chord. It was used in an article as, Galway to Tennessee, in the Galway Advertiser, 14th August 1997, just before we won a trip to Graceland on RTE1 Radio.

      It would have been nice to land at “Elvis Presley International Airport, Memphis”, maybe someday?……… Now we have seen the plans for the 30th Anniversary of Elvis’s tragic death.

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