The Chungs and Judge Roy Pearson

By August 20, 2007Briefly Legal

Marc Fisher, Metro columnist for The Washington Post went on vacation while events were developing in Roy Pearson’s legal obsession against his former drycleaners, the Chungs. (Reporters hate missing big moments, but on the other hand, vacation is vacation.) Anyway, he returns to his Raw Fisher blog today and has some very insightful comments about the parties in this sad affair, particularly the Chungs decency:

They took the high road. They chose not to participate in this farce any more than the court system forces them to. And they were practical and pragmatic: The simple truth is that since Pearson is about to lose his job, and since he is a master of manipulating the court system, the Chungs would likely never have seen a dime from Pearson. Why have anything more to do with him than they must? Yes, the appeal phase will cost more money, and no, it’s not at all certain that the public will respond as generously next time as they did to the Chungs’ plight stemming from the trial itself. So the Chungs face more financial hardship. And Pearson has all the time in the world to play out his legal fantasies.

But Manning and the Chungs have made a clear statement that they will not participate in Pearson’s pathetic abuse of the system, and that’s an admirable position to take. The ball is now in the hands of the commission on tenure of administrative law judges, which must stick to its intention to usher Pearson off the bench, and of the D.C. courts, which need to look over the Pearson case and figure out what tools judges need to make it easier to toss such frivolous cases at an earlier phase.


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