Sam Brownback: Expect A ‘Nasty Fight’ With China

By August 30, 2007America's Business, Innovation, Trade

We just have to get tougher with them (China). We have to get tougher with them were it counts – which is dollars. I would be willing to put tariffs on China for their failure to defend and to protect our intellectual property in china or and their failure to allow their currency to float.

That’s Senator Sam Brownback, calling for the United States to ratchet up the pressure against China. A Republican candidate for President, the Kansas Senator talks about trade and U.S.-China relations on this weekend’s “America’s Business with Mike Hambrick.” He’s not shying away from conflict. More Brownback:

We have to recognize and prepare the American public that this could be a nasty fight that takes place. Are we going to just continue on this route that we are on and allow them to steal 90% of the intellectual property that ends up in their country?

You can listen to the Senator’s comments through an .mp3 soundfile here.

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