Pants, Pearson, Judge, Etc.

By August 17, 2007Briefly Legal

The latest on the Judge Roy Pearson’s pursuit of the Chungs, his former drycleaners. The Chungs had filed seeking payment of their defense costs from Pearson, whose lawsuit against them had been dismissed. Pearson responded, calling the Chungs’ claim frivolous. (The Chungs offered to withdraw their request, since private fundraising would cover most of their costs, but Pearson rebuffed the gesture.)

Yesterday, Superior Court Judge Judith Bartnoff rejected Pearson’s arguments, saying the Chungs’ request for legal costs had merit. From today’s Washington Post:

Ordinarily, awarding attorneys’ fees against a consumer plaintiff such as Pearson would be unusual, Bartnoff said.

“But this is an unusual case, in which the plaintiff attempted to take what was at best a misunderstanding about one pair of pants and expand it to a claim of $67 million, based on legal theories that — once they clearly were articulated — were unsupported in fact or in law,” the judge said.


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