Mutations, We Need More Mutations

By August 29, 2007Innovation

Ronald Bailey at Reason takes on the anti-bioengineering kooks activists with an interesting, well-reasoned (ahem) blog entry.

If anti-biotechies are so afraid of genetic changes in their foods, why aren’t they out protesting varieties produced by means of mutation breeding? After all, most biotech crops merely change agronomic characteristics, whereas many irradiated varieties have different nutritional profiles.

The point here is NOT that mutation breeding is inherently dangerous. Given a solid record of 80 years of safety, it’s not. The point is that the more precise methods of modern gene-splicing are even safer and should therefore be subject to even less regulation than crops produced by mutation breeding.

Modern crop research is really the key to replicating Norman Borlaug’s Green Revolution to the benefit of humanity.

And Bailey doesn’t even mention the possibilities of cellulosic ethanol.

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