Minnesota Bridge Collapse, Fatalities

By August 2, 2007General

Our sympathies to the families and friends who lost loved ones in the Minnesota bridge collapse last evening. We write about infrastructure here with some regularity, and no doubt there is much to be learned from the catastrophic failure of the span. Still, the drawing of instant lessons and quick fingerwagging always strikes us as unseemly when people are grieving. Time enough for that later.

For now, there will likely be humane and informative comments from James Lileks as buzz.mn. WCCO’s website is here, and the St. Paul Press-Dispatch’s website is here. Lots of video everywhere.

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  • Suzanne says:

    We do have a system in place to check bridge vulnerabilities. Most of the time it works well enough. When bridges get bad enough they are closed and/or repaired. Human beings can’t catch everything, though, and can’t always know when a problem that is manageable in most situations suddenly won’t be in another situation.

    Then there’s the problem of finding the money to fix the bridges. Just because a problem is found doesn’t mean there will automatically be money to fix it. The transportation system in this country is kind of going through triage. Sadly.

  • Dr. Duro Damisa says:

    We should have a system in place to check the vulnerability of some of our infrastructures so that we do not begin to loose our loved ones as bad as that.Life span of Forty years is enough to condemn any of such bridge and erect a new one.This is quite appalling!

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