Just a Few More Items from Die Welt

By August 22, 2007Trade

Since we’ve been paging through the online business section of “Die Welt,” the Hamburg-based national broadsheet, generally considered a moderate-conservative paper, just a few more stories worth highlighting:

  • How Poles are Creating New Employment in England
    Job-hunting eastern Europeans are pouring into England — and the economy booms. And there’s no identifiable negative impact on unemployment numbers. Experts advise: Germany, too, should lower its barriers to the labor market.
  • The Victory March of Non-Returnable Bottles
    Consumers increasingly reject returnable bottles for water and alcohol-free drinks, according to recent market research numbers. Representatives of the beverage industry think the government’s bottle-deposit policies have failed.
  • First Complaints against Poisonous Toys
    After millions of recalls of toys and baby products, the calls for consequences are growing in number. In the U.S., consumers are going to court. Chinese producers, on the other hand, want certification by TÜV [the German version of Underwriters Laboratory]
  • In the wondrous German way, the concept of poisoned or poisonous toys is expressed in a single word: Giftspielzeug.

    That’s yesterday. Meanwhile, the front page stories today deal with a new climate policy from the government, a high-profile attack by neo-Nazis in Saxony (a constitutional ban agains the NPD?), and the fall of Arafat’s glamorous widow. Couldn’t happen to a nicer …

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