Judge Roy Pearson: Pressing on with His Lawsuit

By August 12, 2007Briefly Legal

The latest chapter from the slack-jawed saga of Roy Pearson, the soon-to-be-unemployed D.C. administrative law judge, and his $54 million lawsuit against his drycleaners, the Chungs,

In a filing [Friday] in D.C. Superior Court, Administrative Law Judge Roy Pearson said he should not be forced to pay legal fees to the dry cleaners he sued over a missing pair of pants.

A case that took nearly two weeks to decide could hardly be considered frivolous, Pearson said in a 65-page brief. The trial judge’s written verdict did not take such a charitable view of Pearson’s case, dismissing his allegations outright.

Chris Manning, the attorney for the Chung family, says he’ll file a response Monday.

“The content of Mr. Pearson’s Opposition to the Motion for Fees is yet another example of his irrational crusade against the Chungs,” Manning said in a statement. “His arguments are meritless. The Chungs’ nightmare continues.”

One begins to wonder: How long can this go on?

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