John Doe is a Smart Guy and a Good Performer

By August 1, 2007Culture and Entertainment

A familiar annoyance for D.C.-based rock fans, one you just have to get used to, is acts insisting on lecturing on politics because they’re playing in the nation’s capital. The assumption is that all audience members are lefties, who will naturally agree with the singer’s latest malediction against America.

So a word of appreciation to John Doe, the co-founder of the great American band X, who is touring to promote his new album, A Year in the Wilderness. (He’s using the band, Dead Rock West, as his backing band.) Performing Tuesday evening at the Iota, a swell club in Arlington, he made this observation after a song. (The ellipses represent curse words.)

This is one of the only political songs I’ve written in a while. This is Washington, D.C., right? Well, we won’t think about that. We won’t say any bad stuff about people who are doing bad things. Because it’s too easy! Everybody comes here, they’re from …California, they come here and go, ‘Blah dee dee blah dee blah blah.” You guys are sick of that …..right? Exactly. That’s right.

Exactly. That IS right. And thanks for noting.

Great show, by the way. Much less alt-country than anticipated.

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