Idée Fixe: Judge Pearson Pursues the Pants Suit

By August 14, 2007Briefly Legal

UPDATE (5:18 p.m.): A statement from Chris Manning, attorney for the Chungs.

We have received notice that Roy Pearson filed a Notice of Appeal today signifying his intent to appeal Judge Bartnoff’s very sound verdict in this case.

The Chungs continue to be baffled by Mr. Pearson’s actions but are very confident they will prevail on appeal and end this case once and for all.

The Chungs have done everything possible to put this nightmare behind them and return to their normal lives: they have won resoundingly at trial, raised donations from gracious private donors to pay for their litigation costs, let Mr. Pearson off the hook for personally paying their expenses and extended an olive branch to Mr. Pearson in hopes that he would end this matter and not appeal.

Mr. Pearson had a choice today – to make peace and acknowledge the Chungs’ amazing generosity in absolving him of paying their fees or to continue with this ridiculous case and meritlessly appeal.

Mr. Pearson, unfortunately, chose desperate irrationality over common sense and decided to appeal—unnecessarily costing the parties’ more wasted time and the DC taxpayers more wasted money.

Desperate irrationality — a good description.

UPDATE (8:37 p.m.): The AP story.

ORIGINAL POST (3:53 p.m.): From the Washington Post blogger, Emil Steiner:

I have just received word that Roy “Pants-less” Pearson has appealed Judge Bartnoff’s ruling that he does not deserve $54 million for his suit pants. The move is a flat rejection to the Chungs dropping their motion to recoup legal fees which their lawyer described as an “olive branch.” Looks like this pants lawsuit still has legs… more coming soon.


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