Health Information Technology

By August 20, 2007Health Care

A little bit of inside-bureaucy-baseball, but still worth keeping an eye on. The Department of Health and Human Services has plans to restructure its initiatives promote the applications of information technology to health care. From

Health and Human Services secretary Mike Leavitt said Friday that the government’s existing advisory body on health information technology needs to be replaced with an entity that acts more like a corporate democracy than a political democracy.

Amid controversy over an HHS proposal to privatize the American Health Information Community, Leavitt led a public informational session to encourage collaboration among private and public organizations in forming the successor organization.

HHS is heading the creation of a new entity, as required under AHIC’s 2005 charter. The current body counsels HHS on advancing the adoption of health IT. The replacement body would be an independent and sustainable public-private partnership, under the agency’s proposition.

AHIC’s information on the transition is here. Would be a shame to let this get bogged down.

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