Hardly Refined Arguments from Jerry Brown

By August 21, 2007Energy

We harbored some hopes that replacing Bill Lockyer with former Gov. Jerry Brown in California’s attorney general job would produce a modicum of restraint, a deference to others who set policy, a sense of limits.

Foolish hope. Moonbeam activism lives. From David Freddoso:

Commodity experts have spoken this summer on how the refinery bottleneck, perhaps more than even the high price of crude oil, is responsible for keeping gas prices high. From the Contra Costa Times:

California Attorney General Jerry Brown, who sued San Bernardino County for failing to factor greenhouse gas emissions in its general plan, is turning his attention to Contra Costa County and its two refinery- expansion proposals.

Brown has submitted critical comments to Richmond planners as part of the city’s environmental analysis of a Chevron project and appealed the county Planning Commission’s approval of a ConocoPhillips Rodeo refinery upgrade on the grounds that it has failed to mitigate the impacts on global warming.

To block not even a new refinery, but an upgrade?

To quote a brilliant mind and politician: “Do the politicians in charge even care that California drivers are now paying 71 cents more per gallon than they were a year ago?”

Oh, right. That’s Jerry Brown from two years ago.

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  • jerry brown says:

    We are working in a very constructive way to achieve both refinery expansion and reduction of greenhouse gasses. Climate change is real and constitutes a threat to our entire way of life. We must act now, not finger point and conjure spectors that obscure the truth.

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