From Suit to Shining Suit

By August 15, 2007Briefly Legal

Just flipping through the Post this morning, we find the latest story about the judge who sued the drycleaners:

A day after the dry cleaners he sued tried to make peace, D.C. Administrative Law Judge Roy Pearson filed notice yesterday that he plans to appeal the verdict against him to the District’s highest court.

Then, from a story about that miserable jerk Don Imus settling with CBS, this little passage:

The Associated Press reported that Kia Vaughn filed the lawsuit alleging defamation of character in state Supreme Court in the Bronx.

Her lawsuit, believed to be the first by a player in the case, says Imus and his former sidekick Bernard McGuirk, along with CBS Corp. and CBS Radio, are legally responsible for damage to her character and reputation. There is no dollar amount listed in the suit.

More in this AP story.

Thankfully, the extremely and consistently funny Stephen Pastis, creator of “Pearls Before Swine,” has a suitable storyline going in today’s comic strip.


Pastis has a new collection out, Da Brudderhood of Zeeba Zeeba Eata: A Pearls Before Swine Collection. Recommended.

UPDATE (Noon): The Post’s Emil Steiner blogs a pointed question about Pearson: “Has the line between persistence and insanity ever been so well defined?”

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  • JJB says:

    Headline The Spoof magazine 8-15-07
    “Imus sued by ‘Nappy Headed Ho'” Directly labeling Kia Vaughn vs Imus’ group labeling.
    I’ve seen more “Nappy Headed Ho” comments about the RU team since this lawsuit than ever before. Well done Kia and her lawyer.

  • Bruce says:

    Are you kidding me. Don Imus is not a jerk. Whoever wrote this article is. Kia Vaughn has a Snowballs chance in August to win anything from Imus,CBS,NBC and McGuirk.

    Love your heading on that.

    Then, from a story about that miserable jerk Don Imus settling with CBS, this little passage

    You never listened to him did you? If you did you would find that he is now what the media reports. You should be so lucky.

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