Friday Follies: You Are the Wind Beneath…Stop!

By August 10, 2007Energy, Friday Follies

You have to love the epithet, “Big Wind.” It’s used by Jason Jones in his 180° segment from The Daily Show, a hard-hitting, 60-Minutes-like expose of the Cape Wind project and its threat to destroy the fragile Nantucket Sound viewshed — not to mention the mental equilibrium of the eco-minded elite. Clean energy? No contribution to man-made global warming? Ick! Can’t you put it someplace closer to the hoi polloi?

The controversy — the real one — is interesting and revealing, and the legit Cape Wind project site provides a lot of useful background information on the project, only controversial because those who would impose radical lifestyle changes on the masses do not want their horizons sullied by even a mote, a spot, or a turbine blade far, far away.

In any case, the video is hilarious.

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