Friday Follies: The LA County Fair

By August 31, 2007Friday Follies

Alas, here in D.C., we have no state or county fair to attend.*

But another unlikely jurisdiction, L.A. County, does, and darn if its promotional spots aren’t the funniest thing we’ve seen since visiting the rabbit barn in Minot.

Here’s a 30-second commercial depicting a culture clash, sheep versus denizens of Rodeo Drive. And another, how many carbs in cotton candy?

And to the left there is a video from a previous year’s advertising campaign. That’s one creative advertising firm.

Oh, and the entertainment line-up is pretty good, too. Monster Trucks and the B-52s. A smart pairing, if fraught with potential ironic distance.

*Most scholars believe that it would take a constitutional amendment to achieve a D.C. State Fair, although activists insist a simple act of Congress would do.

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