Friday Follies: Sarbanes Oxley

By August 17, 2007Friday Follies

Friday FolliesThis isn’t laugh-out-loud funny, but rather more a dry, satirical fun-poking at Sarbanes Oxley. And tatoos. From the good folks at the Competitive Enteprise Institute.

And …What’s this? There’s a studio movie, “Sarbane’s Oxley,” just waiting for wider release? The catch phrase: “What happens when you mix a little corporate misconduct with a lot of misconduct of your own? …Mistresses, Mergers & Mayhem!” That’s IS funny, in a cultural moment kind of way. Bonfire of the Vanities updated. The trailer is here.

And Hoofy & Boo’s news report, on Sarbanes Oxley…

A whole genre of humor we had no clue about. Amazing.

Not that funny, though.

Oh, but you know what’s funny? A montage of squirrels from Mark Trail! (Hat tip: The Comics Curmudgeon, which is very funny but too scabrous to get any play around here. Definitely R rated.)

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