Friday Follies: 24, the Interns

By August 24, 2007Friday Follies

24.jpgJaneane Garofalo? Is going to be on next season’s 24?

What, Ben Stiller wasn’t available?

And is she going to wear makeup to cover all her glorious tatoos, or will they be digitally erased? Or written into the plot as belonging to a previous assignment’s mufti?

Ah, well, although one might describe her casting as a folly, Garofalo isn’t such a bad actress. She was good in the Larry Sanders show. Or maybe it was the Larry Sanders Show that was good.

In any case, to pass the time until this season’s premiere of 24, here’s the real Friday Follies, “24: the interns.” Judging by internal consistency and production values, it’s an internally consistent and well produced video. And mildy amusing.

From Funny or Die, one of the few PG rated videos on the site.

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