For a Lawyer, He’s a Great Cartoonist

By August 16, 2007Briefly Legal

zebra.jpgStephan Pastis is the author/artist responsible for Pearls Before Swine, a smart, wry and even laugh-out-loud comic strip. (We read it in the Washington Post.) He has a story line going this week about Zebra being sued by his neighbors, the feckless crocodiles, for refusing to be eaten.

Turns out the Pastis has a special insight into this litigation levity, as he’s a recovering attorney himself, a graduate of UCLA Law School who practiced in San Francisco. (His bio here.) After slogging away, his comic strip hit and he gave up law.

Anyway, for anyone interested in legal satire, this week’s strips are must sees. (He’s got a joke about natural law!)

Start with last Sunday’s here and scroll forward by date.

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