Fisher: Pants-Suit Pearson Bound to Lose His Job

By August 3, 2007Briefly Legal

Marc Fisher, the Washington Post‘s redoubtable urban diarist, has been steadily following the twists, turns, briefs and zippers of Administrative Law Judge Roy Pearson’s lawsuit against his drycleaners, the Chungs, and he reports that Pearson will soon be out of a job. From Raw Fisher:

City sources tell me that a marathon meeting of the commission that reviews the performance of administrative law judges (ALJs) ended last night with unanimous agreement to meet again next Monday to revise and finalize the wording of a letter that will state the panel’s doubts about granting Pearson the 10-year reappointment that he has been seeking throughout the last months of his battle against Custom Cleaners and its owners, the Chung family.

Fisher’s blog summarizes some of the political back-and-forth over the reappointment, The downside, for the Chungs at least, is that without a source of employment, he’ll never pay their legal costs if a judge eventually orders it. Well, never seemed likely in the first place, hence And Fisher concludes with the obviously sad, sad truth of Pearson and his suit.

As has happened at every stage of this sorry case, it is possible to win the legal battle while still being destroyed by the process.

Hat tip to the DCist, the urban diarist bloggers on steroids, er, legal dietary supplements. And what, the city’s drug-pricing law has been overturned? A victory for the market!

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