EPA Ozone Hearings: Ship Those Jobs Out!

By August 29, 2007Energy

Senator James Inhofe (R-OK), ranking minority member of the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, makes a tremendously important point about the EPA’s proposed new ozone regulations.

I find it odd that our government would force cities to comply with standards over which they have no control. As we regulate almost every city in America under this standard, even collectively they cannot control the outcome because you have included emissions from Mexico and Canada . What is truly perverse is that as you send jobs over the border, these in turn become emissions we cannot control within our borders. But cities will be penalized nevertheless.

That’s from Senator Inhofe’s opening statement at the July 11th hearing by the Subcommittee on Clean Air and Nuclear Safety, “Review of EPA’s Proposed Revision to the Ozone NAAQS.”

As we argued in the post immediately below, it seems entirely possible that expensive new regulations could be the straw that breaks the manufacturer’s back, forcing companies in, say, Arizona or Texas or California to relocate their plants to lower-cost regions such as, oh, Mexico. Same airshed, different regulatory environment.

And you know what the political left would shout if that happened? It’s NAFTA’s fault!

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  • carter says:

    Straw man.

  • bob says:

    The USA has always set the standards for health-based air pollution standards.

    Should we lower our standards to that of Mexico’s just because American manufacturers refuse to innovate and apply the cleanest possible technology?

    What you call “expensive new regulations” are the standards recommended by the scientists of Mr. Bush’s own EPA. They will save thousands of lives a year.

    Your advocacy for a race to the bottom will not go over well with a parent who has a child with asthma, sitting in an emergency room.

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