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By August 25, 2007General

AR_RD_bldg_630.jpgTrying to quit smoking through a nicotine patch? Calling a friend on your cell phone? Waiting out the results of a home pregnancy test? Products made by Adhesives Research could well be part of your experience.

This week’s Cool Stuff Being Made video takes a look at the world of laminates, adhesive films, coatings and tapes, all highlighted during a 40-minute tour of the Glen Rock, Penn., plant of Adhesives Research.

Our guide is George Cramer, vice president for marketing and commercial development, who describes in crystal-clear terms the amazing variety of uses for the company’s products — 80 percent of which are custom-made, that is, intended for just one customer. Adhesives Research, founded in 1961, serves five key markets:

  • Medical – medical devices and diagnostics, wound care and molecular technology
  • Pharmaceutical – unique components for transdermal, oral and topical drug delivery
  • Electronics – disk drives, handheld devices, semiconductors, displays, conductive technologies and general electronics assembly
  • Engineered Tapes – window fabrication, automotive, technical textiles and specialty fabrics, and general industrial bonding and assembly
  • Splicing – repulpable and non-repulpable splicing tapes for the pulp and paper industry
  • R&D plays a huge role in the company’s success, and Mr. Cramer explains the manufacturing and quality-control processes, as well.

    Tip of our hat — no adhesives there — to our friends at the Pennsylvania Cable Network for sending the video of the plant tour our way. And continued good business to Adhesives Research, definitely a world leader in their corner of industry.

    To see this week’s Cool Stuff Being Made video, please click here.

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