Cool Stuff Being Made: Tobyhanna Military Depot

By August 18, 2007Cool Stuff Being Made

Tobyhanna2.jpgFor this week’s “Cool Stuff Being Made” we depart from the private sector to visit the world of the U.S. military, specifically, the Tobyhanna Army Depot, the largest, full-service electronics maintenance facility in the Department of Defense. But there’s much more than maintenance that goes at the depot in northeastern Pennsylvania; Tobyhanna is a full-fledged manufacturing facility, as well. As Tobyhanna’s fact page explains:

The depot’s mission is total sustainment, including design, manufacture, repair and overhaul of hundreds of electronic systems. They include satellite terminals, radio and radar systems, telephones, electro-optics, night vision and anti-intrusion devices, airborne surveillance equipment, navigational instruments, electronic warfare, and guidance and control systems for tactical missiles. Tobyhanna is DoD’s recognized leader in the areas of automated test equipment, systems integration and downsizing of electronics systems. The Army has designated Tobyhanna as its Center of Industrial and Technical Excellence for communications- electronics, radar, and missile guidance and control. The Air Force has designated Tobyhanna as its Technical Source of Repair for command, control, communications and intelligence systems.

Thanks to our friends at the Pennsylvania Cable Network, we have an hour-long tour of the depot guided by Frank Zardecki, Deputy Commander. Amazing technology on display — avionics for the Black Hawks, tracking for convoys, APN-209 radar altimeter — as the deputy commander explains the usage in Iraq. On any given day, some 200 employees are on temporary duty around the world, supporting those deployed in the field. Our men and women serving overseas are in good hands.

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