Commit Crimes, Gore Urges

By August 19, 2007Global Warming

From Grist: Nicholas Kristoff, in The New York Times:

I ran into Al Gore at a climate/energy conference this month, and he vibrates with passion about this issue — recognizing that we should confront mortal threats even when they don’t emanate from Al Qaeda.

“We are now treating the Earth’s atmosphere as an open sewer,” he said, and (perhaps because my teenage son was beside me) he encouraged young people to engage in peaceful protests to block major new carbon sources.

“I can’t understand why there aren’t rings of young people blocking bulldozers,” Mr. Gore said, “and preventing them from constructing coal-fired power plants.”

Yeah, and why weren’t they blocking the bulldozers when you were erecting your energy-sucking mountaintop demesne, Mr. Vice President?

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  • spins aint cool says:

    Mahatma Gandhi led protests; Is he now criminal for our purposes?

    Next, let’s get some facts straight about Gore’s house. The purchased an 84 year old house (which tend to be less efficient, as one may know), which they’re been working on making more energy efficient with solar panels they have installed and geothermal energy that they’re working on.

    And, guess what? Theie energy use cubic foot is about average for their region. They also buy green energy block and contribute to making TN valley authority’s power grid greener for decades to come. And to top it all, the Gores are carbon neutral.

    Funny thing is, by bashing Gore, and the scientific findings on anthropogenic global warming, we’re making US fall behind the curve on the worldwide movement for greener energy; we have already lost the competitive edge. Wake up, before it’s too late. You’ll be running around blaming others when the US starts losing large number of jobs because some jocks found it convenient to bash Gore in order to resist action on global warming. That’s misguided thinking.

    People need to wake up.

  • Juke Jointer says:

    Gore’s “energy-sucking demesne” (thanks for helping me learn a new word” isn’t on a mountaintop — Nashville is on a plateau. A few rolling hills, that’s it.

  • Carter says:

    At the very least, Gore is urging criminal trespass. C-r-i-m-i-n-a-l.

  • NYPopulist says:

    Last check, peaceful protest wasn’t a crime.

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