Chungs to Judge Roy Pearson: Enough Already!

By August 13, 2007Briefly Legal

Chris Manning, the attorney for the Chung family, today asked the court to withdraw their motion asking for attorneys’ fees from Roy Pearson, the administrative law judge who sued the drycleaners for $54 million for misplacing his suit pants. Fundraising efforts have covered most of their legal costs, and so the Chungs are not compelled to pursue Pearson, today’s motion states. Key passage:

Putting This Case Behind Them and Returning to Their Normal Lives

With their losses and expenses now almost completely recouped, all Defendants want to do is make this case go away. Defendants’ lives have been devastated by this case and they want nothing more than to quietly return to running their dry cleaning business.

Unfortunately, however, Defendants can only control their own actions and not the actions of Plaintiff. By withdrawing their Motions and offering this olive branch, Defendants very sincerely hope that Plaintiff will be encouraged to follow suit and forego filing a Notice of Appeal on August 15, 2007 and forego any other plans for future unnecessary litigation against them.

You can read Manning’s filing with the D.C. Superior Court here. Our previous post on Pearson’s latest filing is here.

We sincerely wish the Chungs good luck on this. Declining to appeal would be a gracious and, more importantly, reasonable move on Pearson’s part.

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  • Laurel says:

    “Declining to appeal would be a gracious and, more importantly, reasonable move on Pearson’s part.” True, but Roy Pearson has never been reasonable. Why start now?

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