Calvert County, MD: Welcoming Nuclear Power

By August 15, 2007Energy

From today’s Washington Post:

More than 300 people filed into a hotel conference room in southern Calvert County last night for a meeting on the licensing process of a proposed nuclear power reactor in nearby Lusby, a project that could become the first of its kind in the United States in about 30 years.

Based on audience reaction, which included vigorous applause for statements made by nuclear supporters, Calvert appeared to remain hospitable to nuclear-generated electricity.

The Post’s earlier story on the Calvert Cliffs application by Constellation Energy is here. The proposal calls for a third unit at the existing site; Constellation is looking at building a series of standardized nuclear power plants, one of the efficiencies that will help the nuclear renaissance succeed.

President Bush and Energy Secretary Bowman visisted the existing Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant last June to talk about energy and nuclear energy. Bush’s remarks are here.

UPDATE (Thursday, 4:15 p.m.) NEI’s JoAnn Sperber provides a first-person report from the meeting, including local endorsements:

  • “We have had a longstanding positive relationship with Constellation Energy and Calvert Cliffs. We conduct annual drills with them to ensure our state of readiness. … I am confident they share our commitment to community safety.” — Dr. Robert Schlager of Calvert Memorial Hospital
  • “Calvert Cliffs is a great partner. We train with them and have several different emergency plans that we practice all the time. And we support this [expansion] effort.” — Mike Evans, Calvert County Sheriff
  • “Constellation Energy is an outstanding corporate citizen that pumps millions into the local and state economy.” — Darren Maertens, chairman of the Calvert County Chamber of Commerce.
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