Boehner: Don’t Let CAFE Wreck Our Economy

By August 28, 2007America's Business, Energy

The House minority leader, Rep. John Boehner of Ohio, did an interview the other day for the NAM’s weekly radio program, “America’s Business with Mike Hambrick.” Lots of good stuff about the fall session of Congress, including his anticipation that President Bush will veto the appropriations bills for being too expensive. Which means an interesting autumn…

We were struck by Boehner’s thoughts on CAFE, which we hadn’t seen before. He has good things to say about H.R. 2927, the Hill-Terry bill, and critical comments about the Jobs-Killer CAFE version that passed the Senate and its Ed Markey-mate in the House. Excerpt from Boehner:

[While] a lot of us want to make changes that will help clean our air, because obviously we all breathe it, we don’t want to do things that are going to wreck our economy in the process, especially when we don’t know if it’ll have some impact on what happens to our air.

When it comes to CAFE, I think the proposal that was passed in the Senate, that’s being
sponsored by Miss Pelosi and Mr. Markey from Massachusetts, will wreck America’s economy. I think that’s very bad for our country.

And so I believe that the Hill-Terry proposal, sponsored by Congressman Baron Hill and Congressman Lee Terry, a Democrat and Republican, presents a path forward that will help clean up our air. It’s achievable, it’s realistic and will not harm our economy.

He has a few more comments on CAFE in a soundbite we’ve posted over at America’s Business Blog — the blog of the radio program — and very sharp commentary about congressional spending. Here’s a link to the post.

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