As for Trenton

By August 10, 2007Culture and Entertainment

Trentonbridge.jpgThe Manufacturing Institute’s Bill Canis points out that the title/headline on the Atlantic Monthly cover story, “China Makes, the World Takes,” mentioned below recalls the slogan of Trenton, N.J., erected during its manufacturing glory days — an intended historical allusion, no doubt.

NPR’s entertaining Robert Siegel tracked down the slogan’s origins in a 2006 “All Things Considered” segment:

New Jersey has picked a slogan to attract tourists: “Come See for Yourself.” But Robert Siegel is more impressed with the slogan for the city of Trenton: “Trenton Makes, the World Takes,” which dangles from a railroad bridge over the Delaware River.

Siegel talks to with 92-year-old Dartha Heath, the daughter of S. Roy Heath, the man who thought up the slogan in the early part of the 20th century.

You can listen to the story by clicking here.

Ms. Heath recalls that Trenton was known during the day for exporting ….china. (Lenox, for example.) Very clever reference, Atlantic. A tip of the allusion hat.

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