American Energy: Let’s Use It

By August 1, 2007Energy

A full-page ad in today’s Washington Post from our friends, allies and co-energyists at the Consumer Alliance for Energy Security. Relevant for the House coming vote Friday on the anti-supply, anti-market, anti-competitive energy bill. Text:

America’s Economy is Fueled by American Energy

Don’t Let Congressional Politics Shut Off Domestic Natural Gas and Oil Supplies

Reliable, affordable supplies of energy are vital to Americans’ quality of life.

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates America will need 28 percent more natural gas and oil by 2030. Much of that energy can be found right here at home.

Untapped domestic energy resources hold enough natural gas to heat and cool 60 million homes for 140 years and enough oil to power 60 million cars and heat 25 million homes for 60 years.

Yet some in Congress are playing politics with energy and restricting access to America’s vital resources.

Already 75-85 percent of federal lands are off limits to energy development, yet some in Congress are considering proposals to sharply curtail access to much of the rest.

America can’t run on an empty energy policy. Congress should reject policies that further restrict access to domestic energy resources.

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