A Permanent Ban on Internet Taxes?

By August 24, 2007Innovation, Taxation, Technology

Make the ban on Internet access taxes permanent to encourage investment and innovation.
The NAM is a member of a broad coalition, Don’t Tax our Web. Really broad. And describing the issue in a clear fashion is this piece from Forbes.com.

“Companies have to be able to plan, they have to have a sense of what their costs will be,” says Broderick Johnson, a spokesman for the umbrella group. “The problem with a temporary moratorium is that it certainly sends a signal that this may expire.”

And regarding the state vs. federal question, Johnson says that for nearly a decade, it has been Congress’ policy that the Internet is “not burdened by state and local taxes.”

The Internet would seem to fall under broad Commerce Clause applications, right?

The NAM’s July news release urging a permanent ban on taxing Internet access is here.

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