World Without Carbon, For Ever and Ever

By July 9, 2007Global Warming

A carbon-neutral world IS attainable. Just a few sacrifices involved.

Britain could reduce its carbon emissions to zero over the next 20 years – but it would mean no flying, an annual carbon allowance for all and a diet almost without meat or milk, a report said.

The findings by the Centre for Alternative Technology in west Wales go further than any other scientific body or environmental group by suggesting that Britain could cut its energy use by 50 per cent by 2027 and supply this entirely by wind and wave power.

All road transport would be electric and lorries would double up by using their engines to generate power for the National Grid when they were not being used.

Battery power and pumped water storage for hydro schemes would be used to iron out supply fluctuations when the wind did not blow.

No mention of the British manufacturing sector. We’d guess attaining this carbon-neutral economy would have a modest impact, if that, on the 3.5 million who work in manufacturing in the United Kingdom. The $150 billion in wealth produced annually by U.S. manufacturers would soar, we’re sure, because an economy defined by its carbon neutrality will require and create new technologies and new jobs. Lots of more opportunities for treadlers, coopers and wheelwrights.

Here’s more on the Centre for Alternative Technology and its zero-carbon proposal. For background, please go here.

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