When in the Course of Human Events…

To mark Independence Day:

  • NPR’s single best feature, ever: The reading of the Declaration of Independence by the people of Morning Edition, recorded in 1988. And how nice to hear Red Barber again.
  • A high-definition downloadable copy of the Declaration from the National Archives (via NPR).
  • Lives of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence, by the Reverand A. Goodrich, 1841. The HTML version is here, and the 37MB .pdf version is here, courtesy www.archive.org.
  • A rumination on Jefferson, Adams and the Founding Fathers by Joyce Lee Malcolm of George Mason University. From the Wall Street Journal.
  • The Movietone News film of Robert Merrill singing The Star Spangled Banner, with patriotic WWII imagery.
  • On this great Fourth of July, enjoy the freedoms and independence given witness by the Founders, 231 years ago.

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