What the OLMS Reports

By July 20, 2007Labor Unions

Even after the House moves to undermine the Office of Labor Management Standards (see this post, the OLMS keeps up its work overseeing compliance of unions with federal law and reporting requirements. We thought it might be useful to post one of the office’s products, OLMS WEEKLY REPORT for July 16-22. The headlines:

  • Developer Sentenced for Money Laundering and Corruption, Ordered to pay over $8,000,000 in Restitution
  • Former Union Financial Secretary Sentenced and Ordered to make over $49,000 in Restitution
  • Former Business Agent/Recording Secretary Sentenced for Embezzling over $11,000 in Union Funds
  • Union Officer Charged with Falsifying Union Records Associated with Theft of over $21,000
  • Union Officer Charged with Destroying Union Records
  • Union Officer Charged with Making False Entries
  • Union Enters into a Voluntary Compliance Agreement with OLMS
  • OLMS to Conduct Compliance Assistance Seminar in Salt Lake City, Utah
  • OLMS to Conduct Trustee Workshop in Butte, Montana
  • Each item has more details in the weekly summary. Seems like valuable oversight and enforcement, the kind that should be encouraged. Apparently a majority of House members disagreed.

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