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By July 3, 2007Global Warming

Picture that final song at Live Earth Hamburg, where all the performers join together on stage, link arms — Snoop Dogg, Yusuf Islam and Lotto King Karl, hugging — and sing, “I’m Being Followed by a Moon Shadow.” Brings tears to the eyes.

Anyway, welcome to everyone here for the first time from the Drudge link to the post, “Weak Demand for ‘Live Earth’ Hamburg…” Now that Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens) has signed on, we’re sure the tickets will just fly out the door — especially since they’re giving them away.

Anyway, cultural criticism is the exception here at shopfloor.org, offered only in response to attacks against free markets, free thought and freedom. And common sense. (Hence the “Live Earth” and Snoop Dogg critiques.) We’re mostly policy…serious, serious policy.

So while you’re here, check out the NAM’s white paper on taxes!

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