Trilateral Energy Agreement Signed

By July 24, 2007Energy

Didn’t see any U.S. coverage of this story, the signing of a U.S.-Canada-Mexico cooperative agreement on energy, conservation and technology yesterday in Victoria, B.C. The Canadians gave it good play:

VICTORIA, British Columbia (Reuters) – Canada, the United States and Mexico pledged to co-operate on developing energy technology on Monday in an agreement that could reduce trade barriers to alternative energy development.

The countries’ top energy officials, who signed the five-year deal following a meeting on Canada’s Pacific Coast, said it should also promote joint research in areas such as nuclear energy and renewable fuels.

Promoting renewable and more energy-efficient technology will increase North America’s energy security and help the environment, the officials said.

The countries agreed in 2001 to promote energy security in the region, but a new pact was needed to provide a “formal framework” to resolving issues such as ownership of intellectual property rights, the officials said.

Good to see attention being paid to intellectual property rights.

DOE’s news release is available here, and the news release from Natural Resources Canada is here. The Canadian Press also had a story, which makes the important point that Canada is the United States’ No. 1 supplier of energy, and Mexico ranks No. 2.

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