To the Communists: You’re Very Welcome

By July 27, 2007Labor Unions

From the People’s Weekly World:

During the House and Senate debates on the Employee Free Choice Act, some of my friends got riled up by all the right-wing nuts attacking the EFCA because the Communists support it. I got a lot of e-mail from folks disturbed by the red-baiting and anti-communism. Some were indignant, and some worried that the Communist Party’s support for the EFCA was being used to taint the legislation.

I had a different reaction. Thank you, National Association of Manufacturers. Thank you, Senators McConnell, Chambliss and Isakson. Thank you, Reps. Foxx and Brown-Waite. And thank you, Fox News. All of you blasted the EFCA by saying that the bill is supported by the Communist Party. You’ve given us great publicity and helped make it clear to millions where the Communists stand on labor issues.

Times have changed. In the old days, this kind of thing would have gotten you shot for social-revisionism.

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