Those Auto Dealers Sure Can Lobby

By July 20, 2007Energy

Auto dealers from across the country were up on Capitol Hill earlier this week, urging members of Congress to remember the marketplace and jobs when they start adopting new fuel efficiency standards. The Detroit News mentioned their lobbying in a larger piece on CAFE standards, and local outlets also noted the blitz. For example, Indiana and Wisconsin:

“There’s a fine line between mandating more fuel economy and meeting consumer needs,” said [BOB] Pietroske of Pietroske Inc. in Manitowoc. “Auto dealers are committed to working to decrease the nation’s dependence on foreign sources of oil and enhancing our energy security. Lawmakers need to be sure that automakers can deliver the product diversity that my customers need and demand.”

The dealers were supporting H.R. 2927, the Hill-Terry CAFE standards that seek some moderate path toward federal mandates of new fuel efficiency standards, cosponsored by Rep. Baron Hill (D-IN) and Rep. Lee Terry (R-NE). When the bill was introduced June 28th? Six sponsors. This week, with the dealers’ visits to congressional offices? Seventy-nine cosponsors have been added, for a total of 85.

Hill and Terry’s news release announcing introduction of the bill is available here.

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  • BuildChange says:

    Its important that they are up on the Hill making their voice heard on this issue because the large number of out of touch Congressmen working to increase standards to an unreasonable level. Working with I see all of the time the cost that the unreasonable standards will have not just on jobs in the auto industry, but on those who depend on these products to get their jobs done. Hybrids are great and we should all support them, but we shouldn’t penalize those who make and depend on trucks and SUVs.

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