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By July 13, 2007General

Americas Business with Mike Hambrick“America’s Business” goes to the movies this week, hears about France and nuclear power, weighs U.S. energy needs and considers the question — What state is best for business?

If any country can claim to have achieved its “energy independence” it’s France, and on this Bastille Day weekend, we’ll learn how the French have emerged as world leaders in nuclear power. Joining host Mike Hambrick is Michael McMurphy, President of AREVA Enterprises, Inc., of the French public energy conglomerate. For an energy view from the United States, we’ll hear from Fletcher Steele, president of Pine Hall Brick, a North Carolina manufacturer hit hard by natural gas prices.

Michael Moore’s semi-documentary, “Sicko,” paints the U.S. health care system as a care-denying failure, holding up Canada and even Cuba as more effective and humane systems. Discussing the merits of Moore’s critique are Michael Tanner of the Cato Institute and Grace Marie Turner, founder and president of the Galen Institute.

Observing that the movies always seem to portray business as villains, the American Film Renaissance decided to offer an alternative — film festivals celebrating the virtues of the free market, liberty and “timeless American values.” AFR’s president, Jim Hubbard, talks about the film institute and its plans for a film festival this September in Washington, D.C.

CNBC has just wrapped up a five-part series, “America’s Top States for Business,” and correspondent Scott Cohn joins us from the road to explain how the system of rankings and just how states create a successful business climate. And the winner is….

In our regular segments, Renee Giachino of the American Justice Partnership tells us what’s new in the world of civil justice reform, including an update on the $54 million judge’s pants lawsuit. The NAM’s own Hank Cox recalls “The Way it Was,” and NAM President John Engler closes with “The Last Word” commentary.

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