Talking to the West Virginia Coal Ladies

By July 19, 2007Energy

Bill Raney, president of the West Virginia Coal Association, visited with the Friends of Coal Ladies Auxiliary on Wednesday in Beckley, W.V., sticking up for an industry that provides about half of U.S. electricity. Good to see an active, if a bit apologetic, defense of an essential activity that employs people, creates wealth and keeps the factories humming and the lights on. From the Register-Herald:

“It’s terribly important that we tell the facts, and that is that we’re mining coal with a great deal of stewardship,” Raney said.

“We’re under attack from a lot of people,” he said, naming specifically Al Gore, Kathy Mattea and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

“We’ve made all kinds of mistakes, … but the important thing is that we’re addressing them,” Raney said. “We’re fixing them. … We’re attempting to be better from an environmental standpoint. We’re attempting to be better from a reclamation standpoint. … We’re trying to fix global warming.”

Raney also announces that Morgan Spurlock — the documentarian, provocateur and hometown Beckley boy — is working on a piece about life as a West Virginia coal miner for his FX series, “30 Days.” Raney expects a positive portrayal. Given the tenor of Spurlock’s admittedly amusing “Super Size Me,” we have our doubts.

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  • Daniel says:

    The future of our state and country has got to be in sustainable jobs, localizing production, and renewable energy. We cannot sacrifice the Central Appalachian mountains to the short term economy that strip mining provides. We’ve got the mountain ridges for local wind energy production and energy to build a new economy.

    Coal cannot be and isn’t the only choice for Central Appalachia, we’ve got to have creativity. Central Appalachia has got to break the mono-economy where coal mining is touted as the only choice. We will lose our mountains if we don’t stop mountaintop removal and bring in other jobs through wind energy and other areas.

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