Paying Tribute to Norman Borlaug

By July 17, 2007General

President Bush’s remarks upon the presentation of the Congressional Gold Medal to Norman Borlaug, the great agronomist.

In the past half-century, we have seen a glimpse of the world that is yet to come. Since the end of the World War II, the advance of trade and technology has lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty. That’s really the triumph of human liberty stretching across natural boundaries. It is a tribute to innovation and entrepreneurship. And these are the characteristics that can be found in the very best of our citizens, such as the man we honor today.

When Dr. Borlaug received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from one of my predecessors, Gerald Ford, the citation noted that Norman’s work “has pushed back the shadow of hunger on this planet and given us precious time to force its final retreat.” That final retreat will come only as long as we hold in our hearts the revolutionary spirit of men like Norman Borlaug, whose Green Revolution brought hope to troubled corners of the world, where grateful villagers still praise his name.

Speaker Pelosi also made remarks at the ceremony in the Capitol Rotunda.

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