Pants Suit: Helping the Chungs Pay Defense Bills

By July 23, 2007Briefly Legal

The fundraiser for the Chungs, the D.C. drycleaners whose misfortunes include having had Judge Roy Pearson as a customer, is set for tomorrow evening in D.C. Details here: The Examiner previewed the fundraiser here.

And while this by no means intended as a reflection on the Chungs, who have suffered a legal nightmare, we again wonder how many similar — if less extreme — unjust lawsuits are afflicting other business owners around the country.

UPDATE (5 p.m.): The State Chamber of Oklahoma has challenged its peers to contribute to the Chungs’ cause, and to drive home the point, Chamber President Dick Rush will hand-deliver a $500 check to the fundraiser tomorrow evening. (He’s in town on business.) From a news release:

“This is a perfect example of the many frivolous lawsuits filed against small as well as large businesses in the United States,” Rush said. “We hope this event will send a strong message against unnecessary lawsuits and provide much needed support to Mr. and Mrs. Chung and their family the Chungs.”

Point well made, Dick.

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