Pants Suit: Fundraiser Collects $64,000 for Chungs

By July 24, 2007Briefly Legal

pantsuit.bmpA good turnout this evening for a fundraiser/reception for Jin and Soo Chung, owners of Custom Cleaners in Washington, D.C., and a generous response: $64,000 to help cover their defense costs (which exceed $100,000).

The case, of course, is the $54 million lawsuit brought by a D.C. administrative judge, Roy Pearson, for a pair of supposedly lost pants. (Which you can see in in this photo
with the Chungs.)

Attorney Chris Manning declared, “Without your support, the Chungs could very well have gone bankrupt,” and he also issued a call to small-business owners afflicted by similar lawsuits to not give in, to fight just as the Chungs did. The AP story on the evening is here.

Congratulations to the American Tort Reform Association (that’s its pants logo) and the U.S. Chamber’s Institute for Legal Reform for co-hosting the event, held at the Chamber’s headquarters.

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