Ozone and Jobs — Senator Voinovich is Right

By July 12, 2007General

From the Cleveland Plain-Dealer:

Washington – Senators from both political parties are breathing fire over proposed new ozone limits that would render half of Ohio out of compliance with federal law.

Republicans, including Sen. George Voinovich, say that reducing allowable amounts of ozone, a pollutant that causes breathing problems, would require restrictions that could drive businesses out of Ohio and other states.

At a Senate hearing on Wednesday, Voinovich told EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson that a cost-benefit analysis should be done on such rules. Twenty-five counties in Ohio, including all those in the Cleveland area, don’t meet the current standards, and Voinovich says the stricter rules would push as many as 48 of Ohio’s 88 counties out of compliance.

“The standards should be based on public health considerations, but a person’s health is also influenced by their standard of living,” Voinovich said.

Senator Voinovich has analyzed the situation pretty darn well. We wonder if all the jobs fleeing Ohio could find another state to call home, or by dint of the EPA’s ozone rules being so draconian that no economically inviting place would even exist. Sure, there might be areas that would comply, but would they have the infrastructure, the sources of power, the people, to perform the work?

Drive business out of Ohio, yeah, all the way to other countries.

Background and NAM materials on the proposed EPA ozone rule can be found here.

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