NPR’s ‘On the Media’: The Enduring Critics

By July 1, 2007Media Relations

tintin.jpg“On the Media,” is a well-produced public radio program out of WNYC, an unflinching self-examination of the media’s biases, foibles and errors. Among its recent reports are pieces on Tony Blair’s relationship to the media, press freedom in Russia, and the ethics of undercover reporting. More hard-hitting stories are entitled:

  • The enduring relevance of Blade Runner.
  • The enduring allure of Tintin.
  • America’s No. 1 media issue: Replicants may be passing as adventurous boy reporters.

    Meanwhile, nothing on the MSNBC report about the enduring liberal bias of the mainstream media.

    UPDATE (10:15 a.m.): Hey, what do you know? Tintin really does endure!

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