Metallica: The Very Loud Voice of Reason

By July 17, 2007Global Warming

James Hetfield, leader of the great heavy-metal band, Metallica, viewed the group’s “Live Earth” performance as something less than a musical declaration against global warming.

Interviewer: You played at Live Earth. What are your thoughts on the climate crisis. What can Metallica contribute to [the whole process]?

Hetfield: I really avoided the press around the Live Earth day. I didn’t quite agree with what was going on there. Politics drive me crazy, and I don’t like talking politics. Politics get in the way of things; they get in the way of getting things done, and getting our music across is what we wanna do — we don’t wanna cloud it with ‘Democrat, Republican,’ whatever. Our philosophy is ‘think for yourself’ at the end of the day — do what you think feels right. I really believe that humans will survive. I have a lot of faith in mankind that we will overcome and adapt — whatever it is; whether it’s man-made or God-made, or Earth/Mother Nature — we have a lot of smart people on this planet that will make something good out of bad.

Via Tim Blair, who notes Metallica’s sales are up 800 percent.

Question: Did any industrial bands play “Live Earth?” No?

Meanwhile, one African takes issue with the concerts for carbon depletion.

Few people in Africa will get to see Al Gore and his troupe of rock-star ecologists strutting their stuff during the series of Live Earth concerts this weekend –because most have neither television nor electricity.

That’s just as well, because they would be aghast at LiveEarth’s bizarre message. In Africa, we have much more serious things to worry about than climate change.

Indeed, if they achieve their objective the concerts will have done harm to the people of Africa.

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