‘Live Earth’ in Hamburg — Going Kaputt

By July 2, 2007Global Warming

From Die Welt, the Hamburg-based national daily.

Continued weak demand for the singing saviors of climate change
With the worldwide “Live Earth” concert on July 7, Hamburg wants to protect the climate and take its place next to other metropolitan venues such as London, Tokyo and Sydney. But only half of the tickets have been sold. Hamburg tourist officials are giving away the tickets in promotional packages.

Five days before the concert, just 22,000 of the show’s 45,000 available tickets have been sold, Die Welt reports. Frank Erich, spokesman for the Comtent Agency, sees little cause for alarm: “We’re assuming that the ticket sales will increase dramatically in the last few days before the concert,” he said. And there’s a surprise guest expected on stage!


Despite the big lineup, the modest ticket sales raise the question of whether the city of Hamburg will wind up with financial obligations. The sponsors alone, Hamburg Marketing, bear the risk if the concert falls into debt. The costs of the concert are supposed to be covered by the international sponsors as well as ticket sales. Tickets cost between 45 and 55 Euro. At this point, no one’s quite sure whether the revenues and the expenses will balance out. “That’s still completely unclear,” said Johannes Everke, spokesman for Hamburg Marketing GmBH. “Only after the show will we be able to determine if the calculations work out.”

And here’s the kicker.

To boost business even further, there are numerous promotional packages being offered for the event. Included among these promos is an idea dreamed up by Hamburg Tourism. They’re not selling the concert tickets, they’re giving them away as part of a package with the motto, “A Getaway — And Protect the Climate!” The complete “Live-Earth-Package” with a pricetag of 69 Euros includes an overnight stay in a hotel (with breakfast), Hamburg Card [a public transportation pass], as well as a free entrance ticket to the benefit concert.

If we follow the article correctly, tourism officials aren’t actually mentioning the fact that the promotional package can be used at other times, and really for 69 Euros, you could just skip the 55 Euro “Live Earth” concert and still be ahead of the game.

Oh, and the environmentalists in the city legislature are unhappy.

The opposition is criticizing the city Senate for lack of professionalism and false advertising. “The Senate isn’t Karsten Jahnke [a big concert promoter — think Bill Graham] and neither is it a believable sponsor for a climate concert, what with its construction of a big coal-fired power plant,” said Farid Mueller, spokesman for the GAL [the Greens and the “alternative” lefties]. “Now everyone is Hamburg is paying for their foolishness.”

Time to protest “Live Earth!”

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  • Johan Lewin says:

    I think it was just great to see so many people expressing their support towards Global warming,why always sagging and critisizing when attempts are made to showcase support to a worthy cause.I personally think the Hamburg Concert was great, even though i could not afford to attend it. Keep up the great workx, hope the monies will land into the right pockets

  • clarification says:

    Voice of Reason — Jul. 4, 07 at 04:17 PM

    >>>> “If climate change is natural,”

    Climate change *is* natural. If you don’t know that then you either don’t speak science, or you haven’t been reading both sides of the argument. Mars, Venus, etc are NOT warming due to CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere. And 16 parts per million of a relatively inert, ineffective “greenhouse gas” are not “contributing” to the Earth’s warming. The internet is covered with articles by scientists debunking CO2 induced radical climate change.

    >>>> “then it doesn’t matter all that much anyway, so just sit down and listen to the music as though it were some other music festival.”

    IT DOES MATTER VERY MUCH. Flim flam hurts and flim flam kills. The more people they can dupe into believing this junk science, the more political pressure they can put on politicians like Bush to support Kyoto and other harmful mischief. Even if the politicians know it is a scam, they are forced to go along with it.

    1) Restriction of coal burning power plants in the third world – so people in primitive living conditions will continue to have to do without power instead of being given a decent standard of living.

    2) Taking money out of the US economy – with Social Security, Medicare, and possibly immigration issues, the economy will take a big hit. The last thing it needs is more money being sucked out of companies to satisfy bogus carbon offsets. That means recession, unemployment, and other bad things.

    3) Creation of bogus, hypocritical carbon credit companies causing increasing tolerance and acceptance of corruption in society, as people see it not as exceptional but rather as commonplace and something they can’t really do anything about. Standard of living correlates inversely with corruption.

    4) Putting carbon credit money into foreign countries at the government level, rather than as aid through capable NGOs. Aid should be given as aid, not through a shell game. Aid money funneled through corrupt governments results in large portions of it getting siphoned off and not making it to the poor. Also, it can increase the gap between rich and poor, making life harder for the poor, instead of helping them. This is why the “who cares if global warming is true, it is giving money to third world countries which need it” argument we hear sometimes is seriously wrong.

    5) Taking focus away from true world crises. We should be looking at AIDS in the third world, micronutrition in the third world, and other very important problems. Instead these things are denied the attention they need, while people are increasingly mis-educated with more and more lie-umentaries. Also sidelined are important environmental problems, such as loss of species, loss of habitat areas, and other problems.

    6) Increasing harm done to science. I can’t do this topic justice in a few sentences. Go to Michael Crichton’s site, and under Speeches look for “Aliens Cause Global Warming”. Read it. It should be a must read for everyone who loves science, to understand how badly science is being threatened today.

    These are only some of the more salient harms caused by Al and the Global Warming hypocrites. I hope they lose a lot of money on these concerts.

  • Ellen S. says:

    Randell Young, thanks for your good brief summary of a number of the flaws in the science of the anthropogenic global warming alarmists. I copied your post to use (duly credited to you) in other venues.

    Just a couple corrections, one already mentiond by Fal — Jul. 3, 07 at 06:59 PM: It doesn’t seem that Gore has any interest in pushing nuclear power. Second, the much-touted idea that there exists a scientific “consensus”(that there is global warming, and that human-produced CO2 is significant to said warming) is itself hot air. There’s much more questioning and disagreement in the scientific community than is talked about by the press.

  • parched says:

    I say it doesn’t matter anyhow so screw it. If you use less water, water companies raise the rates. If you use less gasoline, they raise the price of gas. If you eat less, they just package less and charge you more. It’s reality, get used to it. All the debating and ‘caring’ means about as much as chicken crap on a pump handle. We have no leaders of value anymore. Neither party wants to solve problems. All they do is take your money and misdirect you onto some stupid crap to create consternation. They laugh as you debate. They make you feel you are making a difference. You’re not. While we are squabbling amongst ourselves, they silently create their personal power bases. We are just bricks in the wall and they are the masons. We should revolt at the great Deceit, but do sheep revolt?

  • Ray R says:

    I am still waiting for the nuclear winters we were supposed to have by now.

  • Polarbear says:

    Gore-Who Still Cares?
    As for the Earth…
    OK, so the climate is changing. Cold, hot, or indifferent, I don’t care. We haven’t been around long enough to know for sure how it does what it does or why. All that matters to me is figuring out the best place to be for the changes long-term so my family is safe and I have water.

  • John J says:

    xenia10 — Jul. 4, 07 at 12:23 PM

    What should the precise temperature of the earth be? No one has given us what earth’s temperature shobld be.

    An interesting question, xenia. The proponents of global warming seem to think that the earth has a thermostat, just like their house, and they KNOW what the right setting is. Okay, what is it? 72? 75? 80? 60?

    Their arrogance is something to behold. They actually think we have the power to CONTROL the temperature of the planet. Because, when all is said and done, thats the bottom line of what they’re proposing.

    Incredible. I can only shake my head. At their arrogance and at their stupidity.

  • Voice of Reason says:

    Let’s look at this thang from a couple fo different angles.

    If climate change is in fact a simple, natural phenomenon… then great. We can go about our business as usual. Here, though, the environmental crowd still have a valid point. Recycling rather than littering, using cleaner energy sources, stopping industries from pumping waste into the water systems… it all contributes to OUR health too, even if we don’t care about the planet. So we might as well go along with it.

    If climate change is caused by – or exacerbated by – human activities, then we have a responsibility to apply the brakes on those activities, again for the sake of OUR health.

    In either case, I agree that some people are getting rich from fraudulent carbon-offset schemes, that some of the people involved are guilty of a certain level of hypocrisy and that there is likely to be a significant amount of trash and pollution from large-scale events like Live Earth. However, let’s look at this too:

    If climate change is natural, then it doesn’t matter all that much anyway, so just sit down and listen to the music as though it were some other music festival.

    If climate change is manmade, then the awareness raised by the concerts – and the resulting betterment of people’s own activities – may well counter-balance if not far outweigh the negative environmental effects of the concerts themselves.

    Anything considered a ‘global’ issue is impossible to separate from a million other related issues. Overpopulation? Sure, it factors in. Overfarming of cash crops? Yup. Overfishing in the North Atlantic, leading to an unsustainable fish population and thus breaking the food chain to seals and polar bears for the sake of turning a more immediate profit? You bet.

    Live Earth won’t change the world. But at worst, it won’t help matters and it’ll be another music festival where fans can enjoy seeing artists perform. At best, it’ll make a positive difference to the environment.

    So why don’t we all stop being high-and-mighty about it, and just let it go on instead of railing against it just because you don’t happen to like Al Gore, or Snoop Dogg, or whoever?

    I’m sure Al Gore and Snoop Dogg don’t think very highly of you either. But for all those here who have seen fit to spew vituperation in each other’s direction, you could make a positive impact on this world by lightening up a bit.

  • klatz says:

    Harley writes:

    “The whole preposterous global warming scare is about money and the shifting of wealth to people like Al Gore ”

    Your post is dead on Harley. But, beyond that, consider.. this whole global warming nonsense also serves to “take our eye off the ball”. With everyone myoptic now about temperatures, the real villans, those who are massively deforesting this planet, overfishing the seas, polluting everywhere, and on. They now go about their business completely ignored and out of the public eye.

    Is that just an interesting coincidence? Or design?

    Yes, Al Gore, in his ignorance and greed, is obviously the tool of some other force. And who might that be?


  • wetcloud says:

    I love it when pointy headed liberals and posturing independents make fun of people who can’t spell. We are Americans and we don’t give a damn about you pontificating prating fools! You are gonna’ get hit your gonna’ get knocked out your gonna’ feel it this is your last warning.

  • CO2 Junkie says:

    I’ll start taking Al Gore and the global warming alarmists seriously after all the Fat Cat Liberal Politicians and their hollywood rockstar friends start selling their beachfront properties and start buying up mountain real estate instead.

  • klatz says:


    that’s funny.

  • JOEY says:


  • James T says:

    So, nobody wants to sit in the mud with smelly hippies and listen to Snoop Dogg bitch about how all us scummy people need to go back to riding bicycles to work as he flips us off while driving away in his stretch Hummer. Wow! Imagine that!

  • ryan says:

    This sounds familiar. . .
    A congregation paying stupid amounts of money they dont have, who are desperate to believe in the grand hoax they’ve sold their soul for.

    Pseudo-experts above regurging the BS being fed to their poisoned minds, as if they are experts, when in reality they are just lonely cranks looking for the next fool to pay a dollar to listen to their idiocy.

    Is this a green concert, or am I in Church? Either way, it’s a pyramid scheme; a cult of the brainless.

    Backstage, the marketing wizards salivate at you dropping your dough at the ticket booth/donation basket to wave your hands and kick your feet at this week’s big big celebration of life. The priests in the PR department pray to the apostle Don King that they can cook up a new, juicier campaign about salvation for the bleating, vacuous sheep in the congregation who are desperate to consume more righteous pop soda.

    And all to a uplifting soundtrack from the choir/Snoop Dogg.

    The smarter environmentalists go to these concerts knowing its nothing more than a song and dance and a few good laughs. Nothing will come of it

    The smart christians go to church, knowing it’s the best marketing hoax that Madison Avenue could ever have dreamed up: smoke and mirrors and no product. “Americas Got Talent” was a rerun tonight, so mass seemed like the next best stageshow I could think of. But nothing will come of it

    So, green Concert or Sunday mass, its the same trap. Kick up your heels and convince yourself you want to believe the Bunco artists on stage. Enjoy the circus of righteous men on microphones shaking you down with the hollow chants of salvation, and sing a few inspirational hymns before you make your way home to spread the gospel of dummies.

  • Harley says:

    Imagine that all the good industries are taken and you are on the outside looking in at all the most prestigeous names in the world with the greatest fortunes. You have carried their water for years as a hirling senator/congressman. BUT, you have the ability to write new laws to force consumers to use new products (designed to save the planet-wink, wink). Products developed by people who are more willing to share. It’s called “getting in on the ground floor”. All you have to do is legislate the demand for those products and outlaw the stuff we use now. The whole preposterous global warming scare is about money and the shifting of wealth to people like Al Gore and those who own his soul. Al and his rock n roll circus may look glamorous to some but they are pathetic hired hands and their followers are to be pittied. Even if our planet were in dire trouble Al Gore sure as hell wouldn’t be the man to save it. By the way Al, who told you you could decide the Earth’s ideal temperature?

  • xenia10 says:

    What should the precise temperature of the earth be? No one has given us what earth’s temperature shobld be.

  • Jerry says:

    I’ve installed a solar laundry system at my house and turned off my gas dryer.

    It takes a little room in the back yard & the neighbors don’t like it. I tell them when I see Tipper Gore hanging her bloomers on the line behind that Tennessee Mansion I think old Al is serious. Till then it’s a crock.

    The only down side to my solar dryer is that during this rainy season it seems to get stuck in the rince cycle sometimes

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