‘Live Earth’ Brazil Probably Will be Cancelled

By July 4, 2007Global Warming

Reuters is reporting that the “Live Earth” concert set for Rio de Janeiro is close to being cancelled. If so, it’s a shame. Seriously.

The Rio state prosecutor’s office announced on Wednesday that it had obtained the injunction suspending the climate change awareness concert, according to reports from Reuters and in local media.

The main reason given was that there is not enough police personnel to serve as security at the event.

According to authorities, the city’s security efforts are concentrated on the upcoming Pan American Games, which begin in Rio July 13. In recent weeks, the police have conducted raids and made multiple arrests around the Brazilian city, which has a reputation for high crime rates.

A reputation for high crime rates? How about a reality of high crime rates, or out-of-control murder and gang violence? Why would a news report shy away from reporting facts instead of reputations?

But, if the ban holds, it really is a shame. “Live Earth” embraces so many irritating, damaging aspects of modern political culture — anti-capitalism, preachy celebrities, debasing performers like Snoop Dogg and Akon, uncritical media coverage, and environmentalism as faith — that its failure would cause us to shed not a single tear. (Can you tell?) But organizers should still enjoy the opportunity to put on their show, make their case, and entertain people. That rampant crime would block any of the performances is just bad news, for Rio and the public.

One minor plus, though. No mess to clean up.

UPDATE (2:20 p.m.): From two days ago:

Brazil is the only country hosting a Live Earth concert that is entirely free and open to the public, and producers expect the concert being staged on the famed Copacabana Beach will draw over a million people. Kravitz will close the show there.

“With Lenny Kravitz as the closing act, the Rio show will not just reach the masses gathered on Copacabana Beach, but millions of people across Brazil, South America and the worldwide networks” Live Earth Founder and Producer Kevin Wall said.

A free concert? That’s just asking for trouble. Hadn’t they ever heard of Altamont?

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  • tammy gia says:

    In case you haven’t heard, Brazil has a large EDUCATED population… and just in case you missed the other news about free concerts in Brazil- MOBY, FAT BOY SLIM, ROLLING STONES, LENNY KRAVITZ, BEN HARPER- among many others are famous for doing free concerts in Rio.

    Granted there is a “problem” in Rio, as there has always been problems in Rio, however this is far beyond categorizing us as ANIMALS!

  • DS says:

    Is the manufacturing industrie suffering as a result of Snoop Dogg???

    Has he impacted your industrie somehow?

    It would be the only thing that explains your rediculouse insistence on continualy smearing his name on every article you put out….

    Wait, perhaps he is an easy target that is spearheading a movement that is after a reduction of our use of fossil fuels…
    I’m sure your board of directors is made up of many members that rely on fossil fuels (John Deere,Mack Trucks,Marathon Petroleum ,Boeing and BMW ect…).

    To bad the ones that rank highest in actual profit margin appear to be taken more seriously then the corresponding markets that could benifit from a part of the market the Snoop Dogg pertains to (Lockheed Martin..toung in cheek,Zippo and Louisville Slugger).

    You guys are transparent like plastic wrap.

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