‘Live Earth’: Bianca Jagger Scares the Children

By July 5, 2007Global Warming

From “Live Earth” Hamburg’s website:

Children across the world are calling on their leaders to, “Leave Us a Healthy Planet!”* This sentiment is the impetus behind “Kids Call – Save Life on Earth,” the international children and youth project of the World Future Council. The WFC’s Executive Committee chairman, Bianca Jagger, will launch a letter-writing campaign for the preservation of all life at the Live Earth concert in Hamburg. Joined by about 130 Hamburg children, the human rights advocate will urge the world’s children in numerous languages to write the national leaders of the G-8 countries and demand they do everything to stop climate change and not trample the rights of future generations. The World Future Council will collect the letters and distribute them in various parliaments around the world. The conclusion and high point of the campaign will be in one year, at the G8 Summit in Toyako, Japan (July 7-9, 2008), when the letters will be given to government leaders.

Great, another case of frightening children with imaginary horrors beyond their control. And how will we address their fears? Get them to plead with the government, because only government can solve problems.

Bianca, querida: See the two posts below here, about Britain’s push for nuclear energy? Do you really want to have today’s children work for a better tomorrow?

“Studying for a Healthy Planet!” Bianca Jagger of the World Future Council today anounced a new worldwide campaign to encourage children to enroll in math and science courses with the future intention of becoming nuclear engineers. “We know that nuclear power offers great promise in supporting advanced industrial societies while minimizing the carbon dioxide emissions that I believe cause global warming,” Jagger said. “So how better to respond than to empower the young, to have them take action into their own hands? Hard work and knowledge are always a better approach than slick sloganeering and fearmongering.”

We can dream. We can dream.

*Leave a healthy planet behind for us…Bequeath us a healthy planet… Something like that.

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